The Facility

Address: 400 Sinclairs Road, Strathfieldsaye
Postal Address -P.O. Box 684, Strathfieldsaye, 3551

Ph. 0429 395007
Email. Click here to email us.
A.B.N. 16 457 282 729

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 12.00 noon, 5 to 6pm
Saturday: 9-11am or 5-6pm
Sunday: 10am-12pm or 5-6pm

Kitty Cat Cottage is situated on 35 acres of peaceful countryside.

With over 10 years experience, Kitty Cat Cottage offers:

  • Safe, secure and spacious individual apartments - each with inside and outside rooms.
  • Bedding on a raised platform with easy access via a scratching ramp.
  • Corner hammocks.
  • Scratching poles.
  • Fully fenced verandah.
  • A quality selection of cat food.
  • Air conditioned for summer comfort
  • Wood fires for cosy winter warmth
  • ? And of course, wonderful, friendly staff who adore cats.

Either Fe3 or Fe4 vaccination is required, as recommended by your vet.

It is vital that all vaccinations be completed a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival and certificates be provided on check in.

Any cat requiring veterinary attention during its stay will be taken to the owners nominated vet, Bendigo area where ever possible. In other circumstances, our own on-call vet. will be contacted. All costs incurred are at owners expense.

If worms and/or fleas are detected, they will be treated and costs charged to the owner accordingly.